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Pro-tips from our Technical Support team

Optimize your web experience by choosing the right browser for you

For many years HIS was only compatible with Internet Explorer. With our newest cross browser release we now hope that you can find something that best fits you.

The most common browsers include Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. Others include Opera, Sea Monkey, Konqueror and Mosaic.

I have personally found Google Chrome to be the most efficient. I enjoy both the ease of use and speed to help me achieve what it is I need to do.

Here is a quick breakdown to help you choose from the many browsers being used today:

  • Internet Explorer: always available and familiar yet does not comply with standards very well
  • Google Chrome: light, clean, and fast (highly recommended)
  • Mozilla Firefox: feature-filled and good for power-users
  • Safari: feature-filled and good for media consumption but not as fast or standard compliant as others mentioned here

Dexter Lum

Keep up to date!

It may take a few minutes to do, but staying up-to-date on your software can prevent many problems in the long run. REsearch, for example, will support THE TWO MOST RECENT versions of your browser. If you are three versions behind, it is possible that your browser will likely not comply with internet standards, and HIS cannot be sure that your experience inside REsearch will be snag-free.

This does not necessarily only apply to browsers. You should always perform any free software update any time you see a new version. If you are faced with a PAID upgrade, you'll have to make a judgement call. If you follow the HIS example and stay only 2 versions behind, you should be ok until the next version comes out.

Yes, it does take time. Yes, it does take effort. Yes, it does take some amount of knowledge. But you'll find yourself talking to me much less if you keep your software up to date.

Sue Ann
(aka SAM)

HIS recommends Google Chrome and printing to PDF

Technology is ever-changing and in order to stay in front of it to benefit from the innovation of the internet's millions of contributors so should you.

As of this moment (Feb 24, 2012), HIS finds the Google Chrome 17.0 browser to have little or no problems in REsearch 5.0, and it performs faster in REsearch and almost any other site.

One important point to make is that Google Chrome has been reported to have strange behavior when it comes to PRINTING. With this in mind, you should find the "PRINT PDF" option in REsearch to be the most helpful. Printing to PDF ensures that your print out is consistent no matter what browser you are on.

Mozilla Firefox has recently made significant updates that are reported to make it as zippy as Chrome. With some powerful "addons", Firefox is threatening to take the title next.

Bob Schoenthal

Keep your messaging consistent!

Emailing content is something that everyone does. Not many people know that the email you send may not be the email that is received.

With the availability of so many different email options, your message recipient may choose to use an email system that will not read your email correctly. Yeah I know. It's crazy. You have no control of it, HIS has no control of it, even Microsoft and Google have no control of it.

You may notice the "Can't view this email?" question at the top of many emails. It's there for this very reason. The email system that your client uses can't be controlled by you, but if you could display that content in a website, you can have total control of it.

That's why my pro-tip is to use the "EMAIL-LINK" option in REsearch. By using this link you can eliminate the chance that your client sees a jumbled mess of characters and numbers. The main benefit is that your content will always be displayed correctly. The main draw-back is that you can't edit the content before sending it to the client.

For help setting this up, call any of us Tech Support folks and we can show you exactly how to set it up once and for all.

PS: Buy a new computer already! :)

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