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Too Many Users Message: At logon, after typing in your username and password, a popup window appears with a message that says, "Sorry, the maximum number of users for this username are already logged into REsearch".
Description Each username supports a maximum number of simultaneous logons; in most cases that maximum is one. This message indicates that you have attempted to login with a username that is currently at its limit in terms of simultaneous logons.
Solution If using a shared access, see if someone else is logged into REsearch. Otherwise, if neither yourself nor someone else appears to be logged into REsearch, contact us at either (800) 628-3121 or (808) 599-4224 and we will free the username.
Notes/Tips If the Login button is clicked more than once at login, REsearch will, in response to the first click, login the username. However, in response to the second click, REsearch will generate the "maximum number of users" message. To prevent this from occurring, we recommend you press the Enter key on your keyboard to submit your login request, rather than click the OK button. If, when finished using REsearch, one does not click the Pau button to exit, and instead either closes the Web browser or takes it to another Web page, the username may not be logged off. So, when finished using REsearch, be sure to click the Pau button.

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